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Chinese food
Chinese food

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Google Reviews
Chinese food
Eric Belec

-Growing up my parent always ordered out here. For new years and any possible occasion. I took it for granted. Now that I’m older, it’s impossible to find that pure American Chinese takeout. I drive 50km round trip to get that perfect carry out! It’s so good and reminds me of my childhood. The owners think I’m insane to travel that far, but trust me, if you want that comfy perfect takeout, it’s worth the mileage and I’ll do it until the day I go. It’s that good. By the way, if you take a dinner for 2, you’ll have enough to feed 4, but you may just want to keep the leftovers for the days to come. :0) Eric approved!!!!-

Chinese food
Chinese food
Honest Report

-Excellent won ton soup, egg rolls and plum sauce. The other dishes are pretty good too when you want Chinese.-

Chinese food
Chinese food
Symone B.d

-Always tasty food...this time my eggrolls werent as good but I've never had that issue in the past! Delivery is always super fast and driver is very friendly. I Recommend.-

Chinese food
Chinese food
Nunna Yurbiz

-Food is always excellent, arrives hot, and the portions are generous. Delivery typically takes about an hour, so plan around that, it's worth it.-

Chinese food
Chinese food
Sean Bird

-Food is absolutely fantastic, you cannot gets anything better in the west Island. Defiantly a must!-

Chinese food